KeyFit Q1 Challenge Winners

Well, it was a close call but in the end Keystone Lintels UK snatched the crown of overall winners of the Q1 KeyFit challenge – congratulations to all involved!
Claire Wright takes the gold for Q1 and the winners of each company were as follows:

First Name Last Name Team
Claire Wright Keystone Lintels – UK
Daniel Bodell Keystone Lintels – UK
Mickey Blair Keystone Lintels – NI
James Wetton Keylite Roof Windows – PL
Faye Rooke IG Lintels
Gillian Dunseath Keylite Roof Windows – NI
Glenn Treadwell Keylite Roof Windows – UK
Paul Wilkinson IG Elements
Roseanna Weech The Keystone Group
Daryl Invine-Rawlins SmartRoof
Lee Dickinson IG Masonry Support

Very impressing stepping and well done to you all!
Good luck to all of you with the Quarter 2 challenge – let’s see if we can change the leaderboard for next time around!

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