Tips For Interviews

Keystone provides job interview tips
We hope to get the best out of our applicants, so here are a few vital tips to help you with the application and interview process:

  • Think carefully about the role that you are applying for and how this fits with your skills
  • Take time to tailor your CV to relate to the role you are applying for. A generic CV may not highlight the skills you possess that make you suitable for this role
  • Give details of your education to date. Refer to any specific modules you have studied that relate to the position you are applying for
  • Be able to speak about your experience to date in an interview and relate it to the position you are applying for
  • Have some knowledge of our company and the various brands within the Keystone Group
  • Come prepared to an interview with any questions you may have about the company. Interviews are a two-way process and we would like to hear from you
  • Try to relax! We appreciate that job interviews can be daunting but you will perform at your best if you are in control of your nerves

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