Future First Sustainability Strategy

At Keystone, we recognise the importance as well as the urgency to focus on protecting our environment by improving all business operations for which we are responsible. We aim to nurture Our Planet, Our Products, and Our People to create a legacy we are proud of.

Our goal is to become one of the first UK manufacturers in our sector to achieve carbon Net Zero with a robust strategy that provides clear direction on how we will achieve this.

Our Future First Strategy sets out our action plan to optimise business operations whilst reducing our environmental impact.

Our Strategy is founded on three pillars that encompass the responsibilities we have as a manufacturer within our sector – Our Planet, Our Products and Our People.

Our Planet

We are nurturing our environment by committing to Net Zero by 2050 across all business operations and supply chains. We are driving decarbonisation of Our Products for the future of Our Planet and Our People.

Our Products

Our mission is to deliver sustainable construction solutions beyond equal. Innovation is at the core of the Keystone Group and is reflected across our product range, designed and manufactured responsibly for Our Planet.

Our People

The beating heart of Our Planet and Our Products is Our People. We have a responsibility to support health, well-being and quality education, as well as contributing to a safe built environment for our colleagues, customers, and communities.