Joining together to Inspire wellbeing

Inspire and Keystone Partnership

The Keystone Group has joined with leading local wellbeing charity Inspire, the new name for Niamh (Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health), to become an ‘Inspiration Point’ for wellbeing in our local community.

The Inspiration Point campaign is part of the charity’s overall aim to broaden its reach. Inspire wants to ensure that everyone has access to information about mental health and wellbeing and is aware of where to access this information. Unfortunately there is still a stigma that surrounds mental health and by providing easily accessible information in high traffic public venues, we hope to reach even more people than before. Throughout the year, the charity will regularly update the information within the Inspiration Point stands to focus on a range of themes across all aspects of life, from ageing to motherhood, sports to rural life.

As a supporter of the campaign, The Keystone Group is making a pledge to have available for staff information that they can access and to work with Inspire to promote the charity’s vision of wellbeing for all. Speaking about why they decided to become an Inspiration Point partner, Roseanna Weech, HR spokesperson for The Keystone Group commented:
“We are delighted to become involved with Inspire as part of our KeyFit initiative – our corporate wellness programme launched this year which focuses on the physical and mental health of our employees. We gave our staff the opportunity to vote for charities which resounded with them and Inspire was highlighted by them as a cause they wanted to support. We are very pleased by the engagement of Inspire and look forward to the Inspiration Point providing beneficial help and advice for our staff.”
To find out more about how you can enhance your wellbeing and to see the full list of inspirational partners for this campaign go to

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