International Women’s Day – A spotlight on Lisa McCann, Marketing Director at the Keystone Group

A short time ago we welcomed Lisa McCann as Group Marketing Director to the Keystone Group.  Being new to the industry, we thought now it would be a good opportunity to ask Lisa her thoughts on women in business and how she viewed the future.


Lisa, why did you decide to move to Keystone Group and what are your initial learnings on the industry?

I am still in my initial few weeks at Keystone Group, but already I am very excited about the potential for growth.  In my previous roles I have always focused on consumer marketing for large global brands, which I loved, but found it hard to see where I was making an impact.  As I learn more about Keystone Group, I am inspired by the team’s passion for innovation, focus on sustainability and commitment to their people, and their local roots. I love that the future focused work we do here at Keystone has such a tangible impact on the lives of people, and the environment around us.

I do also recognise that this has traditionally be a male dominated environment, which can be difficult for many. However, my experience so far has shown me that the teams in Keystone have a progressive mind-set, and recognise the value in having a diverse mix of people who can each bring a new and interesting perspective.


Have you faced any barriers in your career due to being a woman?

I have always taken my career into my own hands, and have not faced too many barriers that couldn’t be overcome with a little hard work and determination.  I have had to listen to more than my fair share of “man-splaining” over the years, and attended many meetings where I am the only female in the room, but it’s taught me to be confident in my abilities and recognise the value I can bring by providing a different perspective.

I am also very lucky to have had many amazing male and female mentors who have guided me on the path to success.  For me, I think it’s so important to support our peers in business, male and female, helping to build people up and give them the skills they need to excel.


What advice to you have for women interested in moving into leadership?

Do it, the world needs more female leaders!  Businesses are realizing that success comes from diversity of thought, and for real growth to be achieved they need a wider range of skillsets and opinions.

Be confident and courageous, don’t be afraid to confront the difficult challenges and stand up for what you believe, but also learn to be flexible and open to new ideas, without judgement, when necessary.  Finding that balance has probably been one of the biggest challenges for me in my career, but it’s been an invaluable learning.

Most important, be yourself!


Most important advice you have ever received?

Pick your battles and don’t sweat the small stuff!




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