Shauna Connolly

Shauna Connolly
Background: PR Student, University of Ulster
Job role: Marketing Assistant (Placement)
Job summary: Between printing flyers and managing the content of the quarterly news bulletin I have gained the ability to juggle numerous tasks effectively. I’ve also developed a strong eye for detail with good organisational and planning skills, responsible for assisting the team in shaping the promotional activity of the brand. Each day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to build upon the skill set, which will endure for the rest of my career.
Challenges: With limited experience in a corporate business I was initially apprehensive as to what I could offer to the company however these threats soon eased, as I became a “key member” of a friendly and welcoming team.
Development and support: Choosing placement with Keystone has been such a rewarding experience and has helped me focus on what I want to achieve with my degree.
Opportunities: I would encourage others to apply with the company, as the experience I have gained will be used as a gateway to future opportunities within the working environment.

Marcus Emmerson

Marcus Emmerson
Background: Studied Construction Management at Nottingham Trent University
Job role: Graduate Technical Engineer for IG Masonry Support Systems, part of the Keystone Group
Job summary: In my role as a technical engineer I was given opportunity and responsibility from day one. This enabled me to really develop myself not only as a professional but also as a person. At Keystone there is such a clear focus on service and support for customers, this results in ultimate job satisfaction on a daily basis.
Development and support: I chose to work for Keystone because of its impeccable reputation within the industry, their approach to innovation and their strong core values.
Opportunities: Keystone adopts a family culture, this results in a healthy working environment. My colleagues and managers make this a great place to work; you can talk to anyone and always have someone to ask for help. For this reason, I would recommend this company to anyone, as they allow me an opportunity to flourish within the role, in a fun and vibrant environment.

Matthew Freestone

Matthew Freestone
Background: Graduated from University of Derby with a degree in Manufacturing & Production Engineering in 2014
Job role: Quality Engineer for Swadlincote site, Derby
Job summary: My current role as Quality Engineer for the Keystone Group is to ensure approved Quality Management Systems such as European Standard ISO 9001)and legislative and industry standards such as BBA, NHBC, CE Marking are achieved and maintained.
By means of:

  • Process/ Product Audits
  • Non- Conformance (N.C) data collection
  • Route cause analysis on N.Cs/ customer complaints raised
  • Corrective action reports
  • Process mapping
  • Process improvement
  • Ensuring all documentation is complete and logged
  • Ensuring all external audits are achieved

Challenges: Due to the success of our products in the marketplace The Keystone group is experiencing major growth. One of the biggest challenges we face is ensuring the quality and standards of our products remain consistently high and our systems meet all the requirements to maintain our certifications.
Development and support: Throughout my employment I have received full support from all levels and areas of the business, from shop floor operatives to directors. As this is my first job in this industry, this has been key to my development and progress.
Work environment: As my job role requires me to be involved in many varied areas of the business I get to work with a lot of different people across many different disciplines giving me a broad base and understanding of the business. This means I am surrounded by passionate and ambitious colleagues, making Keystone a very busy but exciting place to work.
Opportunities: There are always opportunities here to improve skills and manufacturing knowledge-coupled with the company growth this provides many career opportunities to aim for.

Robert Monteith

Robert Monteith
Background: I attended University of Ulster – Jordanstown studying Construction Engineering and Management.
Job role: I am a Technical Engineer at Keystone Lintels, Cookstown – I design and specify lintels for customers/builders.
Job summary: I work through plans to calculate the loads imposed onto lintels and then specify the correct lintel to suit the requirements. Site visits are a big part of a technical engineer’s role. These involve meeting the builder on site, discussing the project, measuring up special lintels such as square bays, splayed bays and bow lintels, etc. Site visits create a relationship between yourself and the builder.
Challenges: I face different challenges everyday – from emails, phone calls, site visits and design issues. Every customer is important and Keystone try to always go the extra mile with each customer.
Reason I choose Keystone? I choose to work at Keystone because of the variety of work that they do. You design different lintels and steel for each job. You are constantly challenged not only by the design of the lintels, but also the amount of work you have to do – emails, site visits, phone calls and also production drawings.
Working Environment: The working environment is generally “go, go, go”, attending meetings and training on top of your everyday work certainly keeps you occupied. The whole technical team is very friendly and enthusiastic, and will help you out anytime. You can always rely on someone’s input in a difficult situation.
What would I say to someone coming to join us? Be prepared to work – there is a steep learning curve! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and learn from it. Keystone are always training their staff so you should be eager to learn. You will learn faster on the job from experienced engineers than in a lecture or from a book!